Oscar by Vicente Mosto

Photographer Vicente Mosto shares a new exclusive story featuring Oscar Bloomfield at URBN Models exclusive for Ryker

Nicolas By Yeu Sánchez

Photographer Yeu Sánchez shares a new exclusive story featuring Nicolas Strack at Wanted Bang Model Management

Andrey by Vicente Mosto

Exclusive new story by photographer Vicente Mosto featuring Andrey Khylevych at Addicted To Models

Yahrock Bates By Gregory Prescott

Exclusive new story by photographer Gregory Prescott featuring Yahrock Bates at Crawford Models with styling by Brett Bowen

Plages non isolées

“Plages non isolées” by photographer Ferda Demir featuring Radu Ionut from Daman Mgmt

Pablo Nuñez By Tino Vargas

New exclusive story by photographer Tino Vargas featuring Pablo Nuñez at The Icon Management

Gentle Boy By Ion Jairo

Exclusive new story “Gentle Boy” by photographer Ion Jairo featuring Ben Newmarch at Francina Models

Summer Breeze By Genís Mitjans

“Summer Breeze” featuring Davide Andreazza at Blare Management photographed by Genís Mitjans and styled by Pablo Muñoz exclusive for Ryker

Dee H By Danielle Painting

Exclusive new story by photographer Danielle Painting featuring Dee H from Menace Model Management

Saltwater By Aless Gogny

“Saltwater” featuring Miguel Bruinsma from The Icon MGMT photographed by Aless Gogny with Hair and Make-Up by Romina Quillaos and produced by Paola Haro exclusive for Ryker

Normal Day By Eddy Espinoza

“Normal Day” featuring Fran Basile at Queta Rojas photographed by Eddy Espinoza with styling by Adrian Higuera exclusive for Ryker

Jase Battiste By Jose Martom

Exclusive new story shot and styled by Jose Martom featuring Jase Battiste at Genetic Model Management

Nowhere To Be Found, Forever Lost

“Nowhere To Be Found, Forever Lost” featuring Agustin Hladycz at Lo Management photographed by Marcos Yacob exclusive for Ryker

Sam Crowther By Wanda Martin

Photographer Wanda Martin shares a new exclusive story featuring Sam Crowther at Menace Model Management

Hotel Lurker by Jordan Eisbjerg

Exclusive new story “Hotel Lurker” by photographer Jordan Eisbjerg featuring Carlo Gino from First Model Management