Veil Boy by Alejandro Franco

Exclusive new story “Veil Boy” by photographer Alejandro Franco featuring Hernán Caceres

Vito by Dawn Collins

Photographer Dawn Collins shares a new exclusive set of shots featuring Brazilian model Vito from Zone Models

Charley Santos by Ted Sun

New exclusive story shot by Ted Sun featuring Charley Santos from Big Picture Artists

Portrait Study: Gabriel Hines

Exclusive story by photographer Alex Jackson shot on 35mm film featuring Gabriel Hines from Front Management

Ancient Sickness

Photographer Ferda Demir shares a new exclusive story “Ancient Sickness” featuring Robert Reider from Artroom Model Management

Steven Del Valle by Sean P. Watters

New exclusive story shot and styled by Sean P. Watters featuring new face Steven Del Valle with IMG Models & Specimen Model Management

Neukölln by Christian Ruess

Photographer Christian Ruess shares a new exclusive story “Neukölln” featuring Louis at Izaio Development

Kieron Militar by Agustin Farias

New exclusive story “Kieron Militar” shot and styled by Agustin Farias featuring Kieron Diaco for Indeed Model Management

Perfect Stranger by Alex Jackson

Photographer Alex Jackson shares a new exclusive story “Perfect Stranger” featuring Lauren Taylor at Wilhelmina LA

Hampus Söderström

Exclusive story shot and styled by Dawn Collins featuring Hampus Söderström from PRM Agency

Davide & Johnie

Photographers Vratko Barcik & Peter Dobias share a new exclusive story featuring Davide Zongoli & Johnie Bravo. Shot on location in Ibiza

Pressure by Nicolas Viglietti

New exclusive story “Pressure” shot and styled by Nicolas viglietti featuring Ger Fontanini for Clever Management

Emilie Dalsgaard by Moljan

Photographer Moljan shares a new exclusive story featuring Emilie Dalsgaard at Le Management

Weekend In New York by Harold Mindel

Exclusive new story “Weekend In New York” shot and styled by Harold Mindel featuring Ana Rotili from Mademoiselle Agency

Body Of Work by Patrick Lacsina

New exclusive story “Body Of Work” by photographer Patrick Lacsina featuring Christian Mazzilli Elmer Olsen Model Management

João Salina by Kemal Dedecan

Photographer Kemal Dedecan shares a new exclusive story featuring João Salina from Artroom Model Management

Chase Mattson by Mark Mendez

New exclusive story shot and styled by Mark Mendez featuring Chase Mattson from Next Models London and One Management

Alexandar In Fur

Photographer Aekarat Ubonsri shares a new exclusive story “Alexandar In Fur” featuring Taneshq from Base Models

Do Not Cross The Line

Exclusive new story “Do Not Cross The Line” shot and styled by photographer Mark Bruce featuring Marvin from PRM Agency

Stevan Miladinovic

Exclusive story by photographer Francisgum featuring Stevan Miladinovic at August Models

The Boy From Venice

Photographer Sean P. Watters shares a new exclusive story “The Boy From Venice” featuring Lorenzo Pozzan