Body Of Work by Patrick Lacsina

New exclusive story “Body Of Work” by photographer Patrick Lacsina featuring Christian Mazzilli Elmer Olsen Model Management

João Salina by Kemal Dedecan

Photographer Kemal Dedecan shares a new exclusive story featuring João Salina from Artroom Model Management

Chase Mattson by Mark Mendez

New exclusive story shot and styled by Mark Mendez featuring Chase Mattson from Next Models London and One Management

Alexandar In Fur

Photographer Aekarat Ubonsri shares a new exclusive story “Alexandar In Fur” featuring Taneshq from Base Models

Do Not Cross The Line

Exclusive new story “Do Not Cross The Line” shot and styled by photographer Mark Bruce featuring Marvin from PRM Agency

Stevan Miladinovic

Exclusive story by photographer Francisgum featuring Stevan Miladinovic at August Models

The Boy From Venice

Photographer Sean P. Watters shares a new exclusive story “The Boy From Venice” featuring Lorenzo Pozzan

Land’s End

Photographer Ted Sun shares a new exclusive story “Land’s End” featuring Zakk Powers

In And Out Of The Rain

New exclusive story “In And Out Of The Rain” shot and styled by Harold Mindel featuring Jon Lemmon from Wilhelmina Models NY


Mark Bruce shares a new exclusive video featuring Cameron McMillan from PRM Agency

Tyler Lough by Blake Ballard

Photographer Blake Ballard shares a new exclusive story featuring Tyler Lough from LA Models and Ford Models

In The Jungle by Nicolas Viglietti

Exclusive new story “In The Jungle” shot and styled by Nicolas viglietti featuring Fran Basile from Sun Models

Denis Jovanovic by Tom Buck

Photographer Tom Buck shares a new exclusive story featuring Denis from PRM Model Agency

The Sea Story

Photographer Alexander Kot-Zaitsau shares a new exclusive story titled “The Sea Story” featuring Ivan Zaretski from AS Management Warsaw

Emilio by Tino Vargas

Exclusive story by photographer Tino Vargas featuring Emilio B. Etchevers from AR Models Agency


New exclusive story featuring Kojo from D&A Model Management Cape Town photographed by Detlef Honigstein & Timmi Taubenschreck

Trance by María Kazar

Exclusive new story “Trance” by photographer María Kazar featuring Camila Puebla for Central Models

Chitown Boys Apt by Mark Mendez

Exclusive new story “Chitown Boys Apt” with photography and styling by Mark Mendez @mcmpix_ featuring Danny Ivaskiv from Ford Models Chicago and Kevin Brodzinski