Mark Bruce
August 21, 2017

How did you get in to modelling?
I got scouted by a photographer in Oxford Street, London and went on to do a test shoot with him. His photos went online and agencies got in contact after seeing them.

You’re in really good shape, what’s your fitness regime like?
I do a lot of free weights with dumbbells and lots of core exercises to build up my abs. I also do a lot of cardio, running, cycling, stuff like that to keep the fat off and stay shredded.

What about diet?
I do eat a lot but I’m quite lucky I have a high metabolism but I keep it clean with brown carbs, vegetables and a lot of meat. Obviously I do treat myself from time to time!

Favourite fragrance?
Bleu de CHANEL

Charlie @cr9roberts is represented in London by First Model Management @firstlondon